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We had some technical difficulties with streaming so we will aim to reduce these issues in our next talk. We had issues with my sound being picked up on the stream and audio quality/delayed output, AMA video will be live on our website tonight!




• Opened the doors to mint 80 days ago

• Completed Roadmap 1.0 and implemented new improvements and changes for roadmap 2.0

• Roadmap 2.0 came with our new website holding the journal where you can track all of our progress and plans

• Discussed our voting decision in purchasing NFT worlds as our metaverse and gave 6 options, we all ultimately decided on NFT World #7749

• Entity Builds became our official metaverse world builder and developer

• We have been working closely with other projects to offer WL collabs which some will also branch over to metaverse collabs

• In-Server Events: Treasure Hunts, Music Quiz, Game Nights & Neck Casino

• LootBox V1




• Lootbox V2 (Web3 Integration)

• Web Portal (Resident Lore, Lootbox Management, NeckVille Passports)

• Merchandise

• Physicals

• NFT World Updates

• NeckVille Events

• Hiring




Lootbox V1

For all those waiting on rewards we are planning on getting them all before the launch of our department store so that when it launches, it's a clean slate for lootboxes & orders. Due to the manual nature of lootbox V1 we are creating a smooth process (department store). We will make an announcement when every reward has been shipped out. Thank you!


Department Store

The department store is powered by Shopify and we are currently in the process of trying to implement Shopify's new Web3 service (wallet connection to order online).


What will the store have?


• Art

• Personalised Items

• Accessories

• Products like Poker Cards and more



These are being built on a plugin called ThirdWeb, ThirdWeb is an SDK (Software Development Kit) that has a loot pack concept as well as wallet authentication for websites.


What is a loot pack?

• Like a pack of cards, the pack contains N items.

• These items can then be randomly distributed amongst X packs being distributed

• Allowing for a fair, evenly systematic distribution of goods.

• But wait, there’s more!


The items found in the loot packs are NFTs which allows us to do the following:

• Free box opening for holders

• Ability to burn the NFT for access to the physical reward

• Easy trading mechanism for residents

• Variability of rewards being distributed for each pack release

• Polygon based, with plans to have some sort of connection to our game (NFT World)



• Lootbox distribution & claim

• Lootbox management (burn, list & trade)

• Resident Ledger (lore)

• NeckVille Passport Claim


What are we releasing?

• There’s an actual storyline

• In-game careers

• Mini-Games

• Own a plot in the town to build

Much more




All owners will be able to perform any job available in-game

There are three jobs at launch:

• NeckCandy

• Chef

• Policeman


All jobs will earn $WRLD based on job completion

• Job tasks are similar to daily quests and/or professions found in traditional MMOs

• Still working out the final details of how actual held NFT traited jobs earn compared to Tier 1s




For Launch

Jet Ski racing at the beach


Post Launch

• Golf

• Racing

• Arena Systems

• Tennis

• Football

Basically, anything that thematically fits into the world and doable



• There’s so much more planned for our World as we grow

• Homeownership

• Town reputation

• Storylines based on Tier 5-6

• In-game events

• Metaverse collaborations



Overall we are initiating a restructure on our discord, team, goals, and development, with this restructure you will see:

• Hiring Process (Job Role Descriptions, CVs, Interviews)

• Discord Clean up to easily manage in-server events and channels

• Goals will be implemented without timelines unless a solid timeline can be met

• Development in web3 platforms

• Marketing will be a part of the organic growth and understanding of our town along with bringing new weekly giveaways, updates on the project as marketing plans, and marketing team hire.


What we covered in the AMA has become a rather long list of things and snippets of our progress/plans are still within the AMA!


Disclaimer: All items discussed here are subject to change and are not finalised.

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