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The Journal

As we continue to develop, improve and adjust our project, we have decided to move all of our project goals here and categorized them into 3 sections:

Complete: Things we have completed.

In progress: Things we are currently working on. If you see a + on the tab, you can see our progress on that area.

Exploring: These are things we are exploring to ensure we cover everything needed before working on it.

As we build out our journal you will be able to click on the in-progress/exploring tabs to see our work and research for your understanding. 

Utility & Value

We have 3 main goals as a project.



We are always striving towards bringing great utility to our project within server events, AMA's on Discord & Twitter Spaces. Real-life events and more.


To bring value to our project we will continue to grow the idea of our physical creations, collaborations, lootboxes and metaverse build.



Now community ties the two above together with in-server (Discord) events. Like all collectible projects, we want to build a community where we can all discuss and improve utility and value.

And to add to this, we are also heavily focused on organization and easy understanding of our project. So we have moved our newsletters to GitBook & Whitepaper which will be released within the next week.

The Metaverse

The amazing fun ways to explore NFTs are just getting started. We are focused on creating the best possible experience for NeckVille. To do this we want to venture into the MetaVerse with other projects that are at the forefront of this, this is part of our gaming utility for NeckVille. This is how we will do it.

NFT World Purchase

We purchased land #7749 for 15 ETH on January 23rd 2022

Building our town on NFT Worlds

We are currently in the process of discussing and building out ideas for our town. We have teamed up with Entity Builds to make this happen.

Implementing Utility & Value to NeckVille

We aim to create awesome utility and value to our metaverse NFT World and will continue to explore everything we can offer the community.


With our strong focus on community, we originally created an inserver event called Friday Lootbox but with the community loving the idea, we decided to implement this into our roadmap as part of utility & value. 

In-Server Lootboxes

We are currently going ahead with our lootboxes in server as a promise for these were made. To access these we require level 10 from chatting in server to help build our main focus, the community. See this weeks rewards by clicking the In Progress button above.

Intergrated Lootboxes

We are currently working on building a platform where all holders of NeckVille with be able to open a Lootbox once a week.


The community has always been number one for us and to do this we will be heavily focused on our discord server as we have been with an active team, categorising holders to help with growth, ideas, and more. But also, with that we want it to be a fun place to hand out. So here is our plan

Astronomer Roles

This role is given to those who have great ideas and allow us to continue improving the project, these people will be listening to the community when the team do not see it and report it back to the Observatory with their own ideas.

Community Events

We rolled out community events a couple of weeks back to make the server a fun place to interact or earn rewards which include the physicals we are launching.


With everything we are doing we are looking to schedule in steady and consistent AMA's with everything we have been working on, to speak with the community and get feedback from everyone.

Discord Casino

Neck Casino is being changed to offer more roles and options in the server (this is not real money, only in server fun).

Real-Life Events

We want to bring everyone together in real life for some fun experiences, we are still very early in the stages of discussing this but will keep you posted on these developments. 


We want to make NFT physical by creating amazing products for NeckVille to enjoy.

Custom Products

What's better than having full control over our physicals? You will have the power to customise some of our products live online to fit your NeckVille NFT.

NeckVille Clothing

We have been working on designs and platforms to allow NeckVille to purchase on brand clothing and personalised items that reflect their NFT with their own touch.

NeckVille Art

We already have a great company we will be working with to product our artwork which will include prints, canvas and framed prints.

NeckVille Passports & Cards

These are a fun extra for holders to have their own passport of their NeckVillians a long with a card which can be used as a gift card to order our physical products from our online store when it goes live.

NeckVille 3D Toys/Products

We are currently exploring this to find an amazing service who can create something amazing.


As we continue to reach out to companies, brands and projects we are looking to use the wide variety of NeckVilles outcomes to branch into many areas.


The idea here is to work with other projects in the NFT Worlds space to include big experiences like cross-overs, events, and more.

NeckVille Events

With the ideas surrounding our project, we have always stated we would be venturing into the idea of creating events in our metaverse and NeckVille town. These will possibly include zombie invasions, cross project take overs, alien abductions and more.

NeckVille Event Designs

We are currently working on manipulated versions of the current traits on NeckVillians to see how, for example, zombie invasions will look.

NeckVille Lore

We see a lot of projects wanting to enter the animation world. We have had this as a goal from day one and built the whole NeckVille town around it. This is why we have such a wide variety of neckvillians

Talking with Animators

We are currently reaching out to multiple teams and studios to discuss ideas, develop stories and continue this path.


We see a lot of projects wanting to enter the animation world. We have had this as a goal from day one and built the whole NeckVille town around it. This is why we have such a wide variety of Neckvillians. We are still exploring this idea.


We are currently in the process of collecting animator teams and studios details to continue discussions on our animation vision.

Submit Ideas & Suggestions

Do you have an idea that you feel would be a great addition to NeckVille? Drop us a message below and if works well with our Observatory we will implement it into The Plan as "Exploring".

Thank you for letting us know your idea!

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