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All information listed here is still very early stages and is subject to change.


The game is being built on Unreal Engine 5 to allow the use of all the amazing features currently available. We wanted to get right into building the world and not waste any time doing so.

Whilst we have been working in silence for the last few months, we wanted a quiet space to lay down the foundations of NeckVille and focus on the original vision. As you can see, now we have a lot of the core mechanics and foundations built into the game, and we are beginning to share more information on this. We wanted to skip the whole process of boring screenshots and snapshots of the game in the early stages and wanted to show you a more polished-looking alpha.



What is there to expect in gameplay? Firstly, below is the vision for the overall game, we want to bring the community in on the game as it's developed and for NeckVille holders there will be pre-alpha releases for testing and community input. The details below will not all be available off the back as this game is being built to tell a story in seasons/chapters, different mechanics and features will be added as we build. So to break down what the game is, let's start with the core of the game, AON will be an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game), with minigames, main quests, side quests, bounties, jobs, events, dungeons, collectibles, unlockables, upgrades, portals, properties, companions and most importantly a fun immersive experience with interactable objects around the world giving info, rewards, NPC's with funny or serious back stories and so much more we want to keep under wraps whilst we continue to develop them into the story and game.


With the blockchain gaming world still being extremely new we will be navigating through everything to create a safe, seamless experience when gaming. The game will be blockchain-enabled.

This is not a play-to-earn game, this is a game to harness the power of the blockchain allowing gamers to own the assets they buy and unlock, not like current games where they are locked to that game.

This is also not a pay-to-win game we are heavily focused on a game you want to play to unlock, upgrade and enjoy. We do not want the game to be played just because you unlock NFTs, we want to build an entire ecosystem around the game/animation which brings in more opportunities.

There will not be any gambling features within the game.


As this is a MMORPG, the game will of course be network enabled.


There will be in-game chat to speak to others playing.


We will be having multiple instances in the game to increase mini-games/events. Some events will be hosted in the world for others to join and other events will be instanced for solo play/team play.​


Like any RPG, there are items to collect in-game, the main collectibles in the game at the moment are:

  • Shards (These are collected to craft your weapons/abilities)

  • Fragments (These are collected to trigger events and activate items)

  • Tier Stones (These are used to upgrade the mechanics of your character)

  • Neckels (The currency in the game, will be rewarded from side quests, events, missions, bounties, jobs, and more).

  • XP (XP will be needed to level up and unlock more features for your character)

  • Miscellaneous (There will be different random items around the world to collect, these will be in the form of easter eggs, interacting with characters/NPCs, and more).

Please note that each of these collectibles are subject to change, be removed/replaced and we will also be adding different collectibles.


Now, this is the exciting part about the game, we have created a completely unique way of playing an RPG. There will be unlimited ways of playing and it is all down to the 3 classes we have.

Damage: Gauntlet

Support: Backpack

Tank: Companion

But unlike other RPG games, you will not need to pick and choose between each one. Each class has 5 available slots in the inventory (only 5 can be used at any given time), but you can use a vial from any class and mix it together. You have:

Orange: Attack

Green: Heal

Blue: Space

Purple: Magic

Red: Traversal

We do not want to give too much away here as we continue to develop this unique inventory/ability system.


As you can see we have shown off some of the customizations of your character in the game, this will include all the features of your NeckVillian in-game exclusive to those holders only. So for example, if you own a NeckVillian #40 you will get:

  • The Orange Mohawk

  • Circle Glasses

  • Black T-Shirt

  • Feeling Cold Skin.​



To fund the game, project, and upkeep you will need to purchase an NFT directly via our website to play (free for all NeckVille holders). This NFT will grant you access to the game.


Of course, another way to fund this is to use another great feature from the blockchain, royalties, we will be adding a small percentage to all transactions to allow us to improve, grow and market the product/s we create.

More information is to be added as we release more details.


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


AON (Adventures of Neckville (Working Title) will offer pre-alpha access to all holders when it's ready. This will be a stripped back version of what we currently have.

By stripped back we mean the open world map will not be accessable, it will be a small area to test out the mechanics, feel of the game, interactable items, weapons, quests system and so on. This is to have you all let us know how the game feels, plays and if you can find any bugs that need to be fixed.

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