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Find out more about the NeckVille story and the background of the NeckVillians world.

The story of NeckVille is a thrilling tale of adventure, mystery, and unexpected twists and turns. As the people of the town work to uncover the secrets of the space rock and its fragments, they must also confront the consequences of their actions and the unexpected events that continue to unfold around them.

NeckVille takes place on a small island town that was hit by a space rock, causing a ripple of events. As people begin to investigate the rock fragments, strange occurrences begin to happen, such as the dead coming back to life and old pirate tales resurfacing.


The story's central character is Johnny, a tinkerer who is the first to investigate the location of the space rock. However, in his attempt to understand it, he aggravates the rock, causing him to be sucked through multiple wormholes and universes. 


He eventually returns to NeckVille, but the space rock has exploded into fragments and scattered across the island.


As the fragments are scattered, teams of people start to emerge, some good and some bad, who want to get their hands on the fragments. This leads to intense competition and conflict in the town. Meanwhile, the people of NeckVille uncover mysterious secrets as the fragments make their way through the island.


The town council decides to transport the fragments of the rock to the town's research facility, where a team of scientists and engineers can study it and figure out how to harness its power. They turn the rocks into a liquid using advanced technology, which results in a strange, glowing substance with almost limitless energy. However, the newfound power also attracts dangerous visitors from other universes.


As the situation becomes more perilous, Johnny and the people of NeckVille must band together to protect their town and prevent the power of the liquid from falling into the wrong hands. Along the way, they uncover even more secrets and face unexpected challenges. Will they be able to save NeckVille from the chaos that has been unleashed by the space rock? Only time will tell.


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